beer her

My friends  old and new ones (I’m looking at you Whall and Ren) are just mean

Robin is taking video   Whall & Ren are mocking my aversion to ketchup.   IT’S DISGUSTING

That’s Sarah just enjoying her hamburger with the evil ketchup  and Karl taking pictures


7 thoughts on “beer her

  1. My younger daughter wants nothing to do with ketchup, but is not bothered by the sight of it.

    It was great to hang out with you, even without ketchup.

  2. You do realize, this knowledge would probably get your elder nephew to actually eat ketchup. Hell he already likes Juicy Fruit.

  3. Ah, good times. Good friends!! One of my daughters-in-law HATES ketchup, too. She can’t look at it, smell it and never mind touch it. The problem now is that she has 2 kids who LOVE it. I think I’m going to turn her on to tequila for everyday ketchup situations and send her to TC next year to hang out with you!

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