A day….

tooken from Robin who took it from Finn

What is perfection, exactly?

A day when rain, stops long enough so I can walk from my car to where ever I need to w/out getting soaked, then starts again when I am inside

A day when my meds start to kick in

A day when I realize there are only a few days left before TC09

A day where I have a decent job, gas in my car and money in my pocket (kept this)

A day when I can leave work  happy (and this is rare)

A day without a raging headache

A day when I realize that talking and whining about hell is just annoying to me

A day when the sounds of raindrops soothe me (kept this one)

A day when I smile without really knowing why (kept this one)

A day “surrounded” by friends and family (kept this as well)

A day breathing

A day I get to see the Princess and hear her laugh


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