Please Miss, May I have my ticket

Ok,  that is only funny to me Cissa and Robin, but it cracked us up.

So the day started way earlier then I planned.   I had to go to my sisters and get her parking pass and my camera.  I got to her place, got my stuff, parked and walked to the train station  My train was leaving at 9:23  I got there at 8:15.  Yeah, I was early.   I finally got on the train and made it to NY.   Robin Cissa and I went to the worlds most expensive Fridays in Penn Station, but we were so hungrey we didn’t care.

Then we decided to play tourist and did the NBC studio tour img_2712Thats Robin She got her ticket.

The tour was fun.   We saw Seth Rogan (Hey, Robin, celeb sighting) and got snarky w/ the pages.   We were us.

We then went to go check them into their hotel which was drama but it’s their drama so one of them can go into that.

Then we were off to DaveYork at the Hard Rock Cafe.   When we saw Dave, we were so excited there may have been jumping a bit (or a lot) and Earl was there also.  By the time we got a table, Dawg and Poppy had arrived.

Now for the party to begin

We laughed and talked and ate and drank.  And embarrassed Dave, which is always fun.  Apparently at Hard Rock, when it’s your birthday, you have to stand on a chair while the waiter yells at the top of his lungs that its your birthday and everyone to yell happy birthday.   Dave is 11 (video here)

(I am continuing this at school so no pics, see Dave, Robin, Dawg, Poppy and Cissa for them, my photos are on flicka w/ Robins)

We hung 0ut at the Hard Rock for a little bit longer and just had a blast.  When we left, we did a quick trip to Dave’s hotel so he could drop off stuff and take more pills then took the subway downtown to go bar hopping.

On the train, we were loud and silly and probably annoyed people, but WHO CARES.  One – it’s NY , two – it’s Dave York.

We went to a bar called Jacks, I have no idea the address, but I had REALLY GOOD TEQUILA SHOTS (Dave made me do two of them, honest, it’s his fault I got a tiny bit drunk)  After texting Robin, Cissa and Poppy, it was decided that I’m strange. Also I drunk texted another friend of mine because her and Cissa have the same name and I was only a little drunk and couldn’t see well.

Apparently the staff at Jack’s didn’t like us because they couldn’t remember our drink order and were rushing us out of the place, but first Cissa and I had to become Best Friends Forever.

Then we went to another bar and I stuck to soda there.  We again talked and laughed and had a blast.

When we finally left there, we went to the train, Poppy and Dawg left us then and I ended up leaving also and walked to my brother and sister in laws

I got there and my sil was awake so she let me in, we talked for a bit then I crashed.   When I woke up the next morning – I got a huge running hug from LN (LIttler nephew) because it was his birthday.   He didn’t know I was sleeping over.

The weekend was amazing and it makes me look forward to TC even more.

If I get home early enough from school, I will edit this with pictures


4 thoughts on “Please Miss, May I have my ticket

  1. LOL great recap!

    I said that to someone at work today and they looked at me like I had 3 heads…maybe because I burst into laughter and looked around for you and Robin afterwards!

    Can’t wait to hang again, wish I could make it to TC — but maybe next year!

    Hugs, from your New BFF


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