How I spent my morning

ok I was really watching music videos but I Love FOB and this is what u tube had.   Pete’s a wee little EMO man


Quick and dirty

As some of you may have heard, this past weekend was TequliaCon 09  (TC09)

It was amazing.

There was pre beer her and beer her  found here

TC09 pics here

I met some great people

I laughed

I made out with a hot 21 year old

I drank

I got massaged

I had a great time.

Santa fe is amazingly beautiful   and still standing after TC09

Going on a vacation

My bag is almost completely packed.  I have jeans for night time, shorts for day time, (although I may end up in sweats during the day to be comfy)  I have my airplane clothes picked out and a baseball cap to wear so I don’t have to do hair in the morning.

I have all my chargers ready to go but I can’t pack them yet because I don’t leave until friday and I may need them.

I am shutting down the computer when I get home from school Thursday.  Maybe even Thursday Morning.  I haven’t decided yet.


Doctor time

So I have a sinus infection again. I get them all the time (I am talking bi-monthly) which is why I always have headaches.   I know I am getting a sinus infection because I get a bruise on my nose.  A little one, but it’s visible  Looks like I got bonked in the head by a younger persons head when said younger person was sitting on my lap saying she loved me (the younger person in this scenario is Princess, although LN does that also, but the princess most recently)

Anyway-   I finally decided to do something since I can’t live on Augmentin, nor do I want to.

I made an appt for an ENT.   it’s in 2 weeks.   I hope he says I can’t work.

A day….

tooken from Robin who took it from Finn

What is perfection, exactly?

A day when rain, stops long enough so I can walk from my car to where ever I need to w/out getting soaked, then starts again when I am inside

A day when my meds start to kick in

A day when I realize there are only a few days left before TC09

A day where I have a decent job, gas in my car and money in my pocket (kept this)

A day when I can leave work  happy (and this is rare)

A day without a raging headache

A day when I realize that talking and whining about hell is just annoying to me

A day when the sounds of raindrops soothe me (kept this one)

A day when I smile without really knowing why (kept this one)

A day “surrounded” by friends and family (kept this as well)

A day breathing

A day I get to see the Princess and hear her laugh