Relay for Life

Lynda is doing the Relay for life walk again this year

Go and wish her luck, see the story behind her walking and donate if you can.


somethings changing

I don’t know if it’s the xanax (although I don’t think so since it’s been happening for longer then I’ve been on it) I don’t know if it’s that I am getting older (which is possible, but not really) or it’s just misery (the most likely culprit)

I was a morning person.   I like mornings. I  use to have no problems waking up and getting moving.   I got more work done in the morning then in the afternoon.   I didn’t even mind going into work early to get stuff done when the office was quiet and phones weren’t ringing.

But lately, I just can’t get moving in the morning and for me that is a big deal.   I know – most of you are cringing – morning person – how horrible.   Maybe I’ll outgrow it and be a morning person again someday.

in other news:

i was driving to my sisters and thinking -I should slow down  I am doing 65 in a 45 and there are cops out, when I hear sirens – I slow down -because that helps, and look – maybe the cop is on the other side of the road – but nope

the song on my ipod had sirens as part of the music – a bad idea if I do say so

I have to go back

I went for jury duty like I was supposed to.  They didn’t have any trials starting today so we got released.  It was late so I went home.   Studied for my test.  I checked on line and I have to go back tomorrow.   They said they had a criminal case starting tomorrow that they needed a jury for so maybe I’ll get picked for that.  I can’t do civil because of my job,  but criminal could be interesting.

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.   Don’t know if anyone cared or noticed but I haven’t.  I haven’t had much to say.  I don’t want to keep writing about how much I hate the managment in my office, or how overwhelmed I am or my other issues.  So I’m not saying anything, at least not to the blogosphere.  I am saying it to others

but today I am Juror # 377 and I have to report for jury duty at 1pm.   So I am going to work til 11 then leaving to maybe get picked for a jury.  I most likely won’t based on my job, but who knows.

At least it might make some fodder for blogging

a few random thoughts –bullet style

  • someone took my computer at school. Now I have to use a different one and the monitor is all jacked up. But all my stuff was on the other computer. I have PAPER of the stuff but I like saved stuff.
  • I had asked Robin how to get the – respond to comments thing on the blog -so that you get emailed if people comment after  you -and I had it already –  Does anyone use it,  I always email responses to people.
  • I thought I had neat handwriting.  I was wrong.
  • I wake up every day at 4:30 am stressing about work
  • I won a trial again yesterday
  • I got called for Jury duty next week – unless it’s criminal -I won’t actually get picked for a jury