She is the puppetmaster

My sister and the princess are going away for a long weekend.  They are DC bound.  They leave tomorrow after the princess’ dance class (seriously  4 y/o ballet – way to cute for words).  I went over there today to play with the princess so my sister c0uld pack and get some other stuff done (I’m a good sister like that)

It was clean up time (it’s clean up time it’s clean up time, let’s put away our toys) I was helping the princess clean up when she says

Can we just snuggle a little because we are both so pretty

And that’s how you get out of clean up time


3 thoughts on “She is the puppetmaster

  1. heee…. too adorable. How can you say NO to that? LOL
    It’s just like when my boys ask me for something and I say NO and they’re persistent and I still say NO then they say, “Don’t make me give you ‘the lip’ mom. Because I’ll do it!”

    Then they do it…

    They give me “the lip” … then I melt.

    Those rotten scoundrels!

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