500th post

I have a great post in drafts for my 500th post here – it had links and special notices and all that crap, maybe I’ll do a 500* post (look, I made a sports reference)

I’m just dealing w/ everyday crap and some not everyday crap.

My doctor wants me to up my meds.  I’m hesitant and most likely won’t  maybe I’ll just start drinking during the day

Today is my dad’s birthday  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY
today is 9 years in hell.

My mom is going for surgery on Tuesday. She broke her ankle again and needs to have pins insterted. I am gonna see her tomorrow.  It’s awesome that it’s Tuesday which in general is a BAD mental day for me to begin with.   I am just gonna keep my cell by my side and if they have a problem -fuck them


6 thoughts on “500th post

  1. You’ve done well to get to 500 posts. No mean feat. Good on you!

    I’ve been in a similar situation lately with my doctor and it’s really hard to deal with. Sometimes I would do anything to escape the thoughts in my head.

    Hope your Dad had a good birthday.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. Well, I sure know what you mean about dealing with the everyday crap. My blogging (and reading blogs…hence, commenting) has suffered terribly in the past few months.

    Oh well…

    Happy 500th Post, though! Hang in there, dear one…the sun will shine again. It just has to (and in the meantime, upping the meds is certainly a great option…I have mine and it has helped somewhat).

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