somethings changing

I don’t know if it’s the xanax (although I don’t think so since it’s been happening for longer then I’ve been on it) I don’t know if it’s that I am getting older (which is possible, but not really) or it’s just misery (the most likely culprit)

I was a morning person.   I like mornings. I  use to have no problems waking up and getting moving.   I got more work done in the morning then in the afternoon.   I didn’t even mind going into work early to get stuff done when the office was quiet and phones weren’t ringing.

But lately, I just can’t get moving in the morning and for me that is a big deal.   I know – most of you are cringing – morning person – how horrible.   Maybe I’ll outgrow it and be a morning person again someday.

in other news:

i was driving to my sisters and thinking -I should slow down  I am doing 65 in a 45 and there are cops out, when I hear sirens – I slow down -because that helps, and look – maybe the cop is on the other side of the road – but nope

the song on my ipod had sirens as part of the music – a bad idea if I do say so