I have to go back

I went for jury duty like I was supposed to.  They didn’t have any trials starting today so we got released.  It was late so I went home.   Studied for my test.  I checked on line and I have to go back tomorrow.   They said they had a criminal case starting tomorrow that they needed a jury for so maybe I’ll get picked for that.  I can’t do civil because of my job,  but criminal could be interesting.


I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.   Don’t know if anyone cared or noticed but I haven’t.  I haven’t had much to say.  I don’t want to keep writing about how much I hate the managment in my office, or how overwhelmed I am or my other issues.  So I’m not saying anything, at least not to the blogosphere.  I am saying it to others

but today I am Juror # 377 and I have to report for jury duty at 1pm.   So I am going to work til 11 then leaving to maybe get picked for a jury.  I most likely won’t based on my job, but who knows.

At least it might make some fodder for blogging