a few random thoughts –bullet style

  • someone took my computer at school. Now I have to use a different one and the monitor is all jacked up. But all my stuff was on the other computer. I have PAPER of the stuff but I like saved stuff.
  • I had asked Robin how to get the – respond to comments thing on the blog -so that you get emailed if people comment after  you -and I had it already –  Does anyone use it,  I always email responses to people.
  • I thought I had neat handwriting.  I was wrong.
  • I wake up every day at 4:30 am stressing about work
  • I won a trial again yesterday
  • I got called for Jury duty next week – unless it’s criminal -I won’t actually get picked for a jury

4 thoughts on “a few random thoughts –bullet style

  1. why are you so sure you won’t get picked?

    I don’t have good handwriting at all. In fact, sometimes I look at what I wrote and wonder if my 8 year old wrote it.

  2. Just got off jury duty. Act crazy, worked for me (though I think the 3 month old beard and crazy eyes helped). Or the fact that its not an act.

    SIL warned me if I got nicked for contempt with my behavior, she wouldn’t bail me out.

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