I have itchys and it’s very uncomfortable and makes for one long run on sentence and possible TMI

I have an itch on my toe. The pointer toe on the rt foot. It itches but it’s an at angle that I can’t scratch it w/out being in a strange position.  And I have to wear shoes so it makes it worse when I need to scratch it because I can’t due to the shoes covering the itchy toe and so I have to do a strange “rub my foot upside down to try to scratch through the shoes” move but that doesn’t work and then when I get home and get undressed and scratch the hell out of my toe and it feels good for like 3 seconds  then I have to go wash my hands and then it itches again and it’s a vicious cycle of itchy pain on my pointer toe of my rt foot.

I also have an itch on my left ankle and the right side of my belly because I have skin issues    Damn allergies.