what would you do?

You are driving down the road – it’s a basic 2 lane road, one lane each direction,  double yellow line.

On the side of the road is a freshly dead skunk (because apparently in S. Jersey, it’s run over skunk season)

In the other lane is oncoming traffic.

Which do you do – run over dead skunk so your car stinks for the rest of your natural life or

cross the double yelow line and hope to hell you don’t hit the cars in oncoming traffic head on.

I chose the latter and didn’t hit the oncoming traffic.


10 thoughts on “what would you do?

  1. This doesn’t really help you … it’s just an observation.

    A skunk that is killed and knocked off the road will stink for at least two weeks (and it may be a month or more).

    A skunk that is run over time and again stinks for less than a week.

    This is based on skunks I’ve experienced as I’ve ridden my bike around the city and countryside. (I’ll try to do more research this summer … I’m certain that first skunk had a smell for a month or more — I just hate to exaggerate.)

  2. To answer Finn’s question… if you run over a skunk it will not only make your car smell.. but it will make your car, your clothes, and the entire town smell… for months on end!

  3. ewwwwww
    double ewwwwww….

    OOPS.. I think I just got into a head one collison for not paying attention to the road and trying to avoid the skunk.

  4. Um, if you run over a skunk it will make your car smell? Really? We mostly get raccoons and opposums here. And if there was no traffic I would avoid. If I couldn’t avoid, I run over and scream the whole time and ask the animal for forgiveness even though it was already dead. I get sad when I see them by the side of the road. Poor babies.

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