Today is my sister’s birthday.  She’s 45.   We are really really close.   I love hanging out with her.

She is a big question asker.   It’s gotten to the point that we just start making fun of her and it can take a good 10 minutes for her to realize we are mocking (by we -I mean my family)  How long did you cook the ziti for,  how did you mix the ziti and the cheese, did you add spices to the sauce, what aisle did you go down to buy the pasta, what made you decide to have O- blood, why is the sky blue

Ok -granted she doesn’t ask all those questions, but that’s the mocking and what my brother and I turn it into.

She is also the mom to my princess and that makes her even more awesome.

Happy b-day sis.


today is the day when v-day chocolate is 1/2 price   wOOt!!!