I really don’t want this to become a I hate my job blog.

So here’s some fun stuff.

NE came in 10th place in a chess tournament over the weekend.  It’s a big deal I don’t know how many kids there were but he’s 10 and I am very proud of him

LN is excited because we are going to see the Magic Treehouse or something like that on 3/1.  I can’t wait

The princess is just silly.   Her favorite word seems to be actually.

I am excited because I may be meeting Fall Out Boy.   Seriously- I love them
one of my friends got tickets to see them and it’s apparently a meet and greet.   It’s  right after TEQUILA-CON  one week later to be exact so the end of April/beginning of May-  BOOKED

My flight and car are booked for TC – now if they would just say where it is so we can get the hotel.   If anyone wants to hang out Friday let me know.  Robin and I arrive around 2:30ish or so.  We would like to stay in the same hotel as everyone else, so let us know.


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  1. Oh. It’s going to be in the historic district. We’re going back and forth between the finalists but I’m pretty sure I know where it’s going to be.

    We’ll probably send out a mail update this week.

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