Rest in peace.  My thoughts are with Dude and the kids.

I’ll miss you as well.


what would you do?

You are driving down the road – it’s a basic 2 lane road, one lane each direction,  double yellow line.

On the side of the road is a freshly dead skunk (because apparently in S. Jersey, it’s run over skunk season)

In the other lane is oncoming traffic.

Which do you do – run over dead skunk so your car stinks for the rest of your natural life or

cross the double yelow line and hope to hell you don’t hit the cars in oncoming traffic head on.

I chose the latter and didn’t hit the oncoming traffic.


Today is my sister’s birthday.  She’s 45.   We are really really close.   I love hanging out with her.

She is a big question asker.   It’s gotten to the point that we just start making fun of her and it can take a good 10 minutes for her to realize we are mocking (by we -I mean my family)  How long did you cook the ziti for,  how did you mix the ziti and the cheese, did you add spices to the sauce, what aisle did you go down to buy the pasta, what made you decide to have O- blood, why is the sky blue

Ok -granted she doesn’t ask all those questions, but that’s the mocking and what my brother and I turn it into.

She is also the mom to my princess and that makes her even more awesome.

Happy b-day sis.


today is the day when v-day chocolate is 1/2 price   wOOt!!!

Honest Scrap

hosnet_scrapavatarI got tagged by Sharon over at MomGenerations. I met her at the Hot Blogger Calendar meet up last October and she is awesome.   For this meme you have to list 10 honest things about yourself.

1.  I will do anything for my family.   Of course I will, why wouldn’t I.  But I’ve said before, I am redonkulously close to my family so they ALWAYS COME FIRST

2.   I will do anything for my friends, until they burn me.  Then they can fuck off.   I found out last night, someone I consider a friend has been talking about me behind my back and being really really two-faced.    I don’t have enough info to confront her, but it makes me leary to talk to her now.

3.  I complain about my job, A LOT but when I am able to do it, I like it a lot.   I like going to Court and watching trials, I like arguing w/ attorneys and even settling claims if it’s worth it.

4.  I don’t like that I get credit when a case comes back in “my” favor.  I didn’t do anything to win a case.   The attorney did.  They deserve the credit.  All I did is stand by the opinion that someone was a faker

5.  I hate talking on the phone.    I will talk to you if you call, but I prefer texting or email.  I spend 8 hours a day on the phone at work and when I get home, I don’t want to answer the phone   I will let it go to my machine and not answer.   if it’s important, text me and tell me you have to talk to me…then i will answer the phone.

6.  I really wish they would announce where TC is going to be in Santa Fe.   Robin found out that most hotels in the historic district are booked so we booked the hotel already,thinking we can cancel if it’s not the right area.

7.  But my dad got us 2 free nights at the hilton so wOOT!

8.  I have the worst sense of direction in the world. I  have a gps and still get lost because I don’t know my left from my right when I need to turn

9. But, If I know where I am going – I can give directions because I use landmarks and street names so it’s easier to see.

10.   I was probably supposed to do me revealing stuff for this but it is 6:21 in the morning and this is supposed to be my COMPUTER FREE WEEKEND   See how well that worked out for me.

I forgot I was supposed to tag people – I don’t wanna look to see who didn’t do this and who did – so TAG YOU’RE IT