My night & weekend

Just got home from a great night at school.   Actually was so that’s great..

Listening to Karl’s radioshow w/ GeekyTai-Tai


work is going crappy.   Not really but it’s frustrating. I really want to get the hell out of hell soon


I am wicked tired.   I know that I should go to sleep, but my rationalization is

i’m listening to Karl’s show and

we are casual tomorrow and so i can sleep later (it’s a tad silly how excited people get to be able to wear jeans to work)

Tomorrow, I get to leave work early and I have to go to the post office, vaccum my room, empty the dishwasher and fold the laundry.  Before Robin and Poppy get here.



One thought on “My night & weekend

  1. Wow. I’m so excited for you and your girl time and hot stones and all that. HEY maybe you can steal a hot stone, then take it to work and throw it at whoever is making you frustrated. tee hee.

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