Well my brother to be exact.
I love my brother. He’s done some great things
He married my sil, who is amazing
He fathered 2 fantastic boys NE and LN
He teaches blind kids so he’s can read and write in braille.

His fashion sense -that’s not so great


he’s a ginormous geek, and can fix most all computer problems.

but a onesy w/ a flap- that he walked around in, JUST SAY NO


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  1. I was going to ask if you knew where I could get one with feet in it — when you find the one you’ve asked BigBro about, please see if they have one in XL-Tall.

  2. First off – it has a slit with a button, not a flap.
    Secondly – I didn’t walk around in public in that, well, not quite, it’s long underwear (a union suit to be exact), I did wear clothes over it. I did walk around the house like that as I was getting ready to go out.
    Third – It was f-ng freezing out and this is incredibly warm
    Finally – why don’t you tell your reading audience that you want one with feeties?

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