My plans

I love not having anything to do.   For a day.   I did nothing on Saturday.  I just watched all my dvr and on demand stuff so I am totally caught up on tv.
Today – Sunday -I may will go food shopping and to Target and maybe BJ’s – that’s iffy.

A friend of mine got engaged last week.    So that means I have a bachelor/Bachlorette party in Vegas to go to and a Wedding to go to..which means I stop eating as of Jan 5 (I am using the 5th since it’s a Monday)

Ok – I’m not gonna really stop eating – but i hate the word dieting but that’s what I am gonna be doing.

Wish me luck


4 thoughts on “My plans

  1. I had a similar weekend plus some hot tub therapy. Of course it’s not really therapudic when you have three kids under the age of 10 floating around with you and splashing.. but hey! I’ll take it “me” time anytime and anyway I can get it.

  2. The boys and I went to Target today — twice. If they sold size 14 shoes I’d never shop anyplace else.

    Congrats on catching up on the DVR stuff — I know what a challenge that can be.

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