a 2nd and final interview.

I forgot I asked Metalmom to interview me also

1.  Where are your tattoos and what do they look like? What do they mean to you? I have 2 tats – one on my ankle of a quarter moon with a cloud band and some shooting stars –  just thought it was pretty.  The 2nd is between my shoulder blades on my back and is the libra symbol (astrological and celtic) and my date of birth.

2.  You are allergic to ginger. Do you break out every time Miss “GingerSnaps” leaves a comment? Why not?

Yes  –  everytime but I don’t care.   Actually- the allergy thing, my friends find entertaining.  The whole episode lasts about 20 minutes and from an outside point – yeah -it’s funny to listen to me try to breathe.
3.  I have been looking for my broiling pan since last Thanksgiving. Do you know where it is? Have you seen my missing red sock? I borrowed the broiling pan to catch the water that was leaking out of the bathtub.  Then I discovered how to turn it off.  Your red sock ran away because you have stinky feet.

4. You say that some people have mistaken you for a lesbian. (I know that you are not.) What do you have against people from Libya? wouldn’t a person from Libya be a Libyian, not a lesbian?

5.  In your list of “About Me”, you reveal that you have smoked pot and you liked it. Wanna buy some? How about if I come over and bring along some righteous chronic? How old were you when you tried it? Was it a party? or a private par-tay? I don’t pay for pot, silly.  Yes     I was a teenager –  both


4 thoughts on “a 2nd and final interview.

  1. bwahahaha!!! Metalmom: FTW!

    Here’s hoping you don’t break out from my comment here, but I need to let you all know that I have never thought Libragirl was Lebanese.

    (Why, yes…I am 2 weeks behind on my feed reader, how nice of you to notice.)

  2. How can anyone laugh at your trying to breathe! That’s just wrong! (well, unless you are wheezing and making that high pitched whistling noise from your lungs! That’s funny!)

    Thanks for answering and being a good sport.

    Oh yeah! The country should have been LISBON! I would have known it if I had left the righteous chronic alone!!

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