So I asked The Princess of the Universe to interview me.   Her questions were hard and she spelled favorite with a U in it.  That’s just silly.  My spell check refused to say it was right.

1. Did you ever actually clean out your car? Yes, I did – it has since gotten messy again.  I tend to just throw stuff in the back seat.  Right now in my back seat is my back for school, my bag for work, my pocketbook (yes, I leave my pocketbook in my car, I park in my garage) a car seat, a bag of stuff for the car (napkins, wipes, stuff like that) a bag w/ food for dinner at school.  (I posted a few weeks ago that I needed to do that and some other stuff, that’s the only thing I got done)

2. What is your favorite Broadway Show?? And why?
Rent – I saw it on Broadway 24x   I love the music and the story.  But I am a huge broadway fan – I will see almost anything.

3. Have you finished reading the Twilight books? What can you say that is positive about the series? I refuse to believe that you actually hated it 100% How is that possible?!
I just finished the last book.  I didn’t hate 100% of it –  I hated about 99% of it.   I don’t think I can say anything positive about it.  Maybe the arm wrestling scene w/ Emmett and Belle.

4. If I came to visit you, what would we do?

Hang out – maybe go to Philly and play tourist.   Go to Atlantic City.  Whatever you wanted.  I have 2 spare bedrooms for when you come visit.   Maybe go to a couple of strip clubs.   I heard you are into that stuff.

5. Talk to me about Robbie Williams…why do you love him?
I fell in love w/ Robbie Williams in 1999 when I heard Millennium.  Then I saw the video and was IN LOVE.  I have been a fan ever since.   I love his music and his attitude and his accent and everything about him.   He’s just amazing to me.

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  1. LOL…your back seat sounds like my car. I live in my car, practically.

    Hmmm…#4 sounds like much fun. Hmmm… Perhaps a road cheap plane trip is in order in 2009! 🙂

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