Things I think about in the shower

If I use handsoap on other body parts, do they still get clean

If I see the moon here and it’s the same moon in California, can we send messages on it to each other

Does Zooey Deschanel get jealous that her sister Emily got a normal name?

What exactly is my sister doing downstairs?  What is that banging and why can I hear it

What’s that burning smell?

I love my kids.


6 thoughts on “Things I think about in the shower

  1. Loving the randomness. I come up with a lot of my best ideas in the shower but then … there’s nothing to write them on. I need a waterproof whiteboard or something :p

  2. 1 – Yes. Soap is soap. Some may be more drying than others, but soap is still soap.

    2 – Yeah you can, except we would need go go gadget glasses to see the messages. Texts are better.

    3 – I doubt it – Zooey is better – Emily is too ‘normal’.

    4 – Your sister is trying to make food or something. Or maybe the banging was Princess S practicing her drumming for the rock band she wants to join…

    5 – That burning smell is New Jersey. That’s how it smells all the time down there. ::wink::

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