an early weekend wrap-up

Today is my Friday-  I had taken a couple days of because I can.

So tomorrow – I have to do laundry, clean up the house, get some hanukah shopping done –  and I am babysitting and sleeping over my sisters house.

Saturday- I am babysitting in the morning -then my sister and the princess are going to a b-day party and sleeping at my house

Sunday-  straightening up the house and maxxing and relaxing

Monday-  cleaners come in the morning – so I will escape the house – then come  home and DO NOTHING

aren’t you jealous


4 thoughts on “an early weekend wrap-up

  1. Yeah, I am actually. Very jealous. Claws are out. 🙂

    But at least you get to hang out with Princess S and that’s always fun.

  2. hell-to-the-yeah. I’m jealous. You have CLEANING PEOPLE???? I used to have “cleaning people.” they were called teenagers but now they upped and moved out.

    I have two interns right now ready to replace them but they are still in training. They’re my 8 and 9 year olds. 😦

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