Really, How many trash cans does one family need

I have 2.   One for regular garbage and one the town supplied for recycling.

I should say had

I don’t normally take my trash cans out, I usually take out my one bag of garbage and call it a day.

But since it was a holiday weekend I had more garbage then normal and my recycle can was full so I took them both out this morning.

Got home at 8:45 and they were gone.

Really -one of my neighbors stole my trash cans.  Which is funny since they one from the town had been stolen before but when I saw one of my neighbors with 4 (4!!!!) I took one back and claimed it.

Now I have to call the town and tell them someone stole it and buy a new regular one -maybe.


9 thoughts on “Really, How many trash cans does one family need

  1. When I moved in to my current home I had three big trash cans — on wheels and with lids. Three was certainly more than I needed (I rarely fill one to 1/2 way) and when one came up missing I thought a neighbor had reclaimed one of his that maybe he’d loaned to the folks who were moving out — to help with all their moving-out garbage.

    Earlier this week I was on Google Earth and went to my home. There were three trash bins. So now I’m thinking someone has taken one of mine. I’m pretty sure they took the nicest one too.

  2. I don’t steal my neighbors trash cans. I just wait till they’re asleep then put MY extra trash in theirs… heheheheh.

    WHAT? They have the extra room in them.

    Now stealing the whole trash bin? That’s just stupid.

  3. Don’t you have the house number on them? I make sure my number is HUGE. (Mainly because of the wind blowing my cans into the next township which starts right across the street but I digress…) My old neighbor had a long dog leash through the handles. Long enough to reach the truck but they wouldn’t blow away.


    Your town gives away really nice cans too…we (well, my parents really….) have to buy them when our neighbors steal them.

  5. Good grief. I think I would go checking around some yards to see if there are any “extra” trash cans sitting in any neighbor’s yards before buying a new trashcan first. Then, if you find who stole yours, report them to the city.


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