I love to read

I’ve read the first two books in the series.   I didn’t like the the books either.  But I am gonna finish the series.  I have to.

I went to see the movie

What a crapfest.   No – calling it a crapfest is an insult to actual crapfests

I can’t figure out if its the acting or the writing.   Some parts of the movie were both

The big scene when he says – say it say it out loud – HOLY CRAP IT SUCKED

No pun intended –  but Twilight was HORRIBLE


7 thoughts on “I love to read

  1. Ya I think it’s one of those either you love it or you hate it things, I mean I loved the series and will admit that the movie could have been done WAY BETTER. But I’ll take what I can get, and because they weren’t willing to hire ME as Bella, no wonder it sucked 😛

  2. Hmm, I can see how my lack of punctuation may cause a bit of confusion re: my last comment. I meant that us jaded ladies have had a lot of exposure to a**hats, not that we ARE a**hats. Oops :p

  3. Hmm, my curiosity is piqued by this “Twilight” thingy that people either love or hate. I suspect that if you’re a girl in her tweens waiting for Prince Charming and not soured by life and asshats like us jaded ladies over 30, you will love it very, very much.

    Now, a vampire series I AM loving is HBO’s True Blood. The books are especially great and pretty funny. The TV series tends to deviate somewhat from the books, but with Alan Ball behind it, I can see it standing strongly on its own. Have you seen the series or read the Charlaine Harris books?

  4. Then WHYYYYYY do you have to finish the series? hahaha. No actually I guess I can relate. You HAVE to know if it gets any better. OR you have to know at least what the big hoopla is and then when you respond it’s based on your own personal knowledge on the subject(books). I getcha!

  5. I suppose you either love “Twilight” or you hate. I think I’ll stay over here in “never read it or saw it” camp. All by myself apparently.

  6. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt the need to finish a bad series.

    I’ve finished a bad book once in a while though (“Choke,” comes to mind) as I keep hoping and hoping it will get better. They rarely do.

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