I am bored

I am caught up on work at school (but not at work) and the girl sitting next to me and the teacher are talking religion (and I am starting to hate her a lot) she thinks that gay is wrong, as is having pre-marital sex

I should mention –  she has 2 kids –  different fathers – and thinks that pre-marital sex is wrong


Yeah – i think i don’t really like her much.     But I will fake it since I have to be with her for 18 months.



****edit*****   she is saying that being born gay is a sin.   YEP –  HATE HER.

(and I am keeping my mouth shut since I have this argument with her multiple times)


4 thoughts on “I am bored

  1. Wait a minute.

    This chic has 2 kids by two different fathers and thinks that pre-marital sex is wrong? And that being gay is a sin (they all need Jesus in their lives, right???)? And let me guess….she’s not with any of the daddies, right?

    ::smacks head::

    Far be it from me to take anyone away from their beliefs, but I will say this…..Pot, meet kettle. Allow kettle to smash pot in the head for being such a hypocrite. Oy….

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