Guess what

I start criminal law on 12/4

only 3 more classes of Excel/Spreadsheets.  A class, I might add I am teaching.    Yep, the teacher doesn’t remember how to do excel.  I don’t know excel but I am ahead of the class (I am on project 6, they are on project 3) so when they don’t know what they are doing, they ask me.

The teacher is on project 2.  He is asking me how to do stuff

Dude- I just follow the steps in the book and if i fuck up, I save and start a new one to figure out what the hell i did.

ANYhow,  I am looking forward to actually doing paralegal stuff. 

I don’t want to come tomorrow, but I have a perfect attendance record and I get a certificate for it (I’m a dork, that makes me feel special, since I am the only one in the class (of paralegals) to get one.


5 thoughts on “Guess what

  1. Kinda makes you wonder when the teacher doesn’t know the material, doesn’t it? Where can I get a job like that? Does it pay well? 🙂

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