I read Twilight this morning. It’s my 2nd time (well the first time I got to like the 2nd chapter and threw the book away, I hated it so much)  I forced myself to finish it.

I realized I don’t like the writing.  The story is ok, I love vampire stories, but I just didn’t like the characters. But I will probably still see the movie.

But this…this makes me laugh every time.

I don’t know when I first saw this skit, but my family and I quote it ALL THE TIME

In the annoying voice and everything.


5 thoughts on “Bad but then REALLY REALLY HAPPY

  1. Rowan Atkinson & Peter Cook – It doesn’t get much better than that. What even possessed you to locate this on YouTube?

    By the way, I remember exactly when we first saw this – back in about ’82 when they play the Secret Policeman’s Other Ball endlessly on cable.

  2. I probably won’t read the book or see the movie. No desire. I have heard Sam tease Emily mercilessly about it for months. It kinda puts a bad taste in your mouth. (Not bloody, but still…)

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