I can’t find my rss feed for flickr to put photos up on my site.  I know I have a flickr site but it says to scroll down to the feed something and get the url for the rss feed

robin –  help


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  1. Your RSS feed button is down at the bottom of your Flickr page. You can right click on it and grab the RSS link if you need to c&p it in, but shouldn’t you just have to do the “Tools”, build the HTML badge, and then paste it into the Flickr sidebar widget that WordPress already provides?

    Let me know if this helps…or not.

  2. Sweetiekins – go to our photostream, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN where you will see something that says, ‘Subscribe to _______’s photostream. Pick your RSS poison and click on it – it will give you the RSS feed web address and you can add it.
    site look pretty.

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