Also, and not more important:

My new boyfriend is a bit of a douchebag  (he’s the one with the sunglasses on his shirt and the black hair), but I don’t care.   I luvs him and as soon as he enters my world, which is pretty and sunny and centers around me, he will realize, I’m not a scary stalker, just strange. (meanwhile, I was trying to find a better link, but they are rebuilding the website, he’s the lead singer and was born in the same decade as me, just 9 years later)

And also, not as important:

I start real paralegal classes next week, sort of.   The first class is spreadsheets.  I’m not sure what it has to do with paralegal, but it’s not learning how to type or use word documents.

I talked to an attorney I am hoping to work for and hopefully by end of year, mid January, they will be hiring.

Keep the fingers crossed.


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