Robin helped me with my domain

I am now thelibragirl.com

I changed my site look also and added some stuff

but apparently since I am still using wordpress.com as my host I still can’t use html/flash.   but that’s ok

I added a follow me on twitter link on the right

and the music I listen to on I -tunes on the left

and an rss feed button to use google reader


3 thoughts on “Look

  1. Wow! The place looks amazing!

    If it was a house, it would have the, “I just vacuumed, dusted, and rearranged my furniture, then sprayed febreze and lit some candles – yay!” feel to it.

    Sorry, I’ve been cleaning and throwing crap out all weekend, heh.

    But seriously? Very nice! And congrats on having your very own domain name! 🙂

  2. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I have fixed you in my feed reader, will go fix the old blogroll now, even though who even uses that, I dunno?!?!?!?

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