There’s a woman or 2

she works at my school.   She is a recruiter, I guess is her title.

Her birthday is the same day as mine.  She is 4 years younger then me and the married mother of 3 boys

No one at her job remembered her birthday.

At my job – Randi, got me balloons and cupcakes that were so HUGE I could only eat half of one.

(see -told you I’d mention it)

When I got to school Tuesday night, I had extra cupcakes so I brought one in for her.

Today she told me that it made her day that I remembered since no one else did (besides the family I mean)

It made me feel good since it made her happy.

I love my birthday, I love having people say happy birthday.  I don’t care about presents, or cake and stuff.
I would have been HEARTBROKEN if all my co-workers forgot.

So I did a random act of kindness without meaning to.   I made her day.

In totally unrealted news –   we lost another employee at hell today.   Came in and gave her resignation, but since she is going to a company in the same business, they told her to leave.  They pay the 2 weeks and get no work out of it –  bonus vacation.

I am sooooooooooo jealous that she escaped the hellhole I call work.

I can’t wait to get out.  I am counting down.


6 thoughts on “There’s a woman or 2

  1. Random acts of kindness are never really random, you know. They are acts of kindnesses by people like you who give time and energy to thoughts of humanity… who love with a giant heart of gold… who, when placed before someone in need of love or help or kindness, act. The cupcake represents all the sugah-sugah-honey-honey in you that you sprinkle and drizzle on the world!

    And I LOVE the “wonderful” wonders about your “kids”… you are wonderful!

  2. Amazing what a little thoughtfulness can do for someone, isn’t it. Poppy’s right: You are a sweetheart!

    You’ll be out of Hell soon. Promise.

  3. I had a friend do a “random act of kindness” toward me just the other day, and although she had no idea, her gesture was the very thing that pulled me out of sinking into a pretty depressed state.

    We just never know, do we?

    Great story! 🙂

  4. You are a sweetheart. Sweethearts don’t necessarily mean to be sweet. If you did that’d make you a “what are you going to do in return for the kindness I do for you?!” heart.

    Sorry you didn’t get the satisfaction of leaving. No matter how much I love my job I still love the day I get to say “seee yaaaaaa!”

  5. oh, man. I work at a job with three of my good friends, one of whom is my boss and every Friday is “margarita friday”.. I can’t imagine working in hell. Although I did work once in the gateway to hell. But that was a looooong time ago.

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