Thank you

to everyone who wished me a happy b-day

Poppy, Metalmom, Sharon thanks for the link

Poppy made the bestest video of her drinking a beer for me.  We were supposed to get a beer at the Hot Blogger dinner, but -we didn’t because …well watch the video and find out.  But, yeah -that was why.

Shelli, DB, Finn, Poppy, Princess – thanks for the e-cards
(I am guessing the one from poppy was poppy since it used her real name and I only know one other person by that name and she is computer stupid)

Also –  DB sent an e-card -it just got lost in the world wide web someplace

I ended up w/ a total of 41 comments (ok like 4 were from Poppy, but that’s ok, I didn’t say no repeats)

I got a gift certificate for Amazon from my parents – which rocks so I can go book buying


6 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Yay for great birthdays and Yay for the amazon gift card~ Amazon is my best friend. Tell her I said hi! And I’ll see her this weekend. I am in great need of more good reading.

  2. I may have to kidnap Poppy and bring her with me on Friday….or maybe we just have to have the video thing.

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