Co-worker –  how was your birthday

me –  it’s next week

Cw –  really

me – yeah -the 21st

cw – really – I thought that’s why you took off

me -nope –  it’s next tuesday

cw   really – has it always been the 21st

me – well -only since 1970

cw  – wow -you’re old

me – I’m pushing you down the stairs now.


9 thoughts on “Stupidest.Conversation.Ever

  1. Sorry, my head is clogged from this cold. Her’s is the 20th and yours is the 21st. Don’t ask me to do anymore math, okay?

  2. “Has it always been the 21st?”

    hahahahaha, OMG, what a dumbass. I would have pushed her down the stairs.

    PS. you are the same age as my sister and her birthday is one day before yours. Weird!

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