I dread my job

Is it normal to get so upset in the morning before you go to work that you make yourself sick?

Is it normal to have to take something to sleep at night so you don’t worry about work?

I didn’t think so.    Anyone looking for a secretary going to school for her paralegal degree?


6 thoughts on “I dread my job

  1. I think there are far, far too many people who DO feel this way… but it hurts like hell to use the words “sick” and “upset” and “worry” in the same breath as “work.” In the short time that I got to know you, all I saw and felt was beauty, fun, gregariousness, generosity of spirit, love, hope, joy, grace… and optimism. For your friends. Your family. Total strangers! The universe. I saw BALANCE, babe! Libra kind-of-balance. When a bad work situation crawls all over your balance… and all of your beauty and fun and hope and optimism… things must change. Easier said than done. Yes. But YOU are perfection. There is a corner around the corner… I’m sure of it.

  2. That was exactly how I felt for the last 2 years of my former job. I would get physically ill every Sunday afternoon in anticipation of a new week starting.
    I ended up in therapy and on anti-anxiety meds because of that place.

    I totally feel your pain.

  3. Oh honey. I’m sorry. That’s not normal; you shouldn’t have to live that way.

    I’m glad you’re getting your degree. that means you can get the hell out of that job. Hang in there — there is a light at the end of this tunnel. xo

  4. This is the worst part….If you get through this, you’ll be prepared and driven for your job search.

    You can do this. Besides – one week until your birthday!

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