Doing much better

I am feeling much better.    I decided that PN is a fucking fucktard and I am gonna just ignore him. He will give me stuff and I will put it in my pile o crap and it will eventually get done.   I asked him what was a priority was and he said everything.   I then asked him if he knew what priority meant.  Because if everything is a priority, then it sort of makes something that really is MUST GET DONE IN 5 MINUTES OR THE WORLD WILL END not quite as important.   I told him I don’t care if my file gets downgraded because some stupid ass didn’t cash their check for 6$

That’s why I left on Monday-  figured that was safer then punching him in the balls.

Yesterday – I ignored him   really – he came over, asked me question – gave him the ok and walked away.

School was ok.      Took part 2 of the final –   got a 100 and gave my report – got a 100

Today – getting through the day of work, coming home and relaxing – need to get dinner done before sundown.  Gonna try to fast for Yom Kippur.

Tomorrow  = OFF FROM WORK   Going to the dentist and then to my sisters and temple tomorrow for services.   Will probably break the fast with her that night.

Friday –  OFF FROM WORK  no plans   gonna just sleep and catch up on sleep and maybe do some food shopping since I haven’t gone in like FOREVER

Sat-Sun –  NO PLANS

Monday – OFF FROM WORK  Watching the princess since school is closed.   Will make sure she is home by 4 so the 2nd babysitter can take over and I can go to school.  New classes start then – very exciting.

The point of the weekend plans.   I am gonna do my best to avoid the computer for the weekend.  I might not succeed but I am gonna try.  So – HOPEFULLY



3 thoughts on “Doing much better

  1. Hopefully your weekend will be smooth and peaceful and joyous… that is your #1 priority. I’ll be thinking of you from here in Rhode Island. STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER… unless, of course, you must let loose a punch to the balls ‘cuz then we need to hear all the testicular details.

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