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How old is your brain

Mine was 36, which since I am 38, is good I guess

Yes, I know it’s in another language, but the concept is easy and the score is in english


Robin helped me with my domain

I am now

I changed my site look also and added some stuff

but apparently since I am still using as my host I still can’t use html/flash.   but that’s ok

I added a follow me on twitter link on the right

and the music I listen to on I -tunes on the left

and an rss feed button to use google reader

I lead the most exciting life ever

I am hoping to get a domain today.  That’s one of the things I want to get done.   If Robin is ok with that

I also started using Google Reader.   I found out that most sites have an RSS feed link or button so you can link right up to it.

Also  I may be making pancakes for breakfast.

There’s a woman or 2

she works at my school.   She is a recruiter, I guess is her title.

Her birthday is the same day as mine.  She is 4 years younger then me and the married mother of 3 boys

No one at her job remembered her birthday.

At my job – Randi, got me balloons and cupcakes that were so HUGE I could only eat half of one.

(see -told you I’d mention it)

When I got to school Tuesday night, I had extra cupcakes so I brought one in for her.

Today she told me that it made her day that I remembered since no one else did (besides the family I mean)

It made me feel good since it made her happy.

I love my birthday, I love having people say happy birthday.  I don’t care about presents, or cake and stuff.
I would have been HEARTBROKEN if all my co-workers forgot.

So I did a random act of kindness without meaning to.   I made her day.

In totally unrealted news –   we lost another employee at hell today.   Came in and gave her resignation, but since she is going to a company in the same business, they told her to leave.  They pay the 2 weeks and get no work out of it –  bonus vacation.

I am sooooooooooo jealous that she escaped the hellhole I call work.

I can’t wait to get out.  I am counting down.

This weekend

I have school tonite.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and then going to a bar w/ some friends but have to leave early since Robin is coming.

Saturday my sister wants to go to brunch if Robin feels like it

Sunday I think is a sack out day.  Maybe finally get my own domain,   Changes could be a’comin

Aren’t you excited for me.