What did you do this weekend

Saturday I went to see Rent: Live on Broadway.  Rent, my favorite show, closed Sept 7, and they recorded the final show and were playing it in the theatre.   I saw it live 24x so of course I had to go.  It was awesome.  And found out that Rent is coming to Philly, with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, who were the original Roger and Mark.  So of course I am going.

Sunday, I watched TV.   I caught up on all shows –  Heroes, Gray’s, Mentalist, House, Bones, HIMYM, Ugly Betty and Fringe, and I discovered, I watch way to much tv.

I also got to watch CSI:NY and NCIS on demand and Entourage on Demand.   Now I have to watch True Blood and Dexter, but they are on demand so I will get to watch them whenever.

I am not babysitting this Wednesday so maybe I will watch stuff then.

Friday (the 3rd) I am going to LI and Saturday (the 4th) I am going to NYC to hang out with some friends.

I sort of feel bad since it’s the Princess’ 4th b-day, but her party is Sunday so I will see her then.

But the best part of this past weekend    I slept!!


5 thoughts on “What did you do this weekend

  1. Any chance you want to take LN to rent with you? The you can explain why the drama queen’s new boyfriend is named Joanne.

  2. Dude – I am such an ass. I know what Rent is (or was)…and I saw it with you, the Bro and SIL and their friends….plus once or twice when I was in high school…

    Forgive me R, for I have schmucked. ::slaps self:: Doh!

  3. Friday is chronicled on the blog.

    Saturday involved going to New Jersey and seeing Igor with The Wolves.

    Sunday involved lounging. Lots of lounging.

    Lucky you for seeing the final show, even if recorded!!!

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