One week down

There’s a rumour someone is having a birthday today.   Go say Happy Birthday.

FYI-  It’s Karl.

I started school on Monday.   The first 2 weeks is learning to type.   The next 2 weeks is learning word processing.

I type 60-80 wpm in a normal enviornment.   When I am getting tested and it’s not “normal” typing -not so much.

What’s normal typing,  words, sentences, that stuff


fj fj fj fj jf jf fj dkd dk kd jk jd (finger excercises to learn the keyboard and how to reach keys)

or bizzarre sentences

Jun told Ken quarreling quaills is fun.    WFT does that mean???

Our lessons for the keyboard is 30 chapters I am on 19.    We are getting a paper to write also.

Also –  learning the numbers and stuff.

The issue, I don’t type correctly, I move my hands which you aren’t supposed to do

I correct errors, which when learning speed is bad, but if I catch my errors, habit has me correct them

When I typing at work, letters and crap, I have spell check.

Here -I know I have errors, but I don’t care because I am usually just typing as I think.

I can’t wait to learn new things


3 thoughts on “One week down

  1. I remember sitting in typing class in high school. I was plunking away at 23 wpm when the teacher sat down next to me to write a letter … at about 1000 wpm.

    My speed dropped to about 10% of what it had been. It was hard to concentrate with the machine-gun like sounds her typewriter was making.

  2. Seems weird to teach typing at this stage of the game, but whatever.

    Here’s a tip: When typing, spell out the longer words in your head until you can type them without thinking. You’ll have fewer errors that way.

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