HOLY CRAP (or the post where I am yelling in excitment, and that sounded way dirtier then it should)




PANIC AT THE DISCO (now w/out the exclamation point)

all playing at one concert



So the concert is standing room only….dude  I am gonna be 38 y/o when the concert comes here -I am way to old to stand around a mosh pit for 4 effin hours…I love all the bands  so how about playing a venue w/ seats

and I fixed the videos so that PWT and Dashboard actually play.



I went “down the shore” yesterday w/ a few friends to hang out and have dinner.   It was nice.

I start school tomorrow which means my day is going to be 6 am – 10pm.  Which really is a normal day.  I wake up every day and 6 and usually go to sleep around 10 -10:30.  The difference is that I am not usually doing anything from 5pm on.  I get home from work –  make dinner -straighten up – watch tv.  But now I will be in school adding 4 hours of actually doing something which means I’m gonna be tired.

So I may not be around the internet as often.

I don’t know I am sure for the first week or so I am gonna be tired and may not make it to blogs and stuff.

the only plus for this week is I am not babysitting this Wed so that will give me an extra day off for this week only.

Today – i have a lot of errands to do.  I have to go food shopping, I have to go to Target and BJ”s

I have to cook dinner for the week to take w/ me to school so I don’t have to buy food all the time (although tomorrow, I may just get something at Wegman’s since I am not sure of the timing and stuff being that I missed orientation)

I will see ya …hopefully School will be fun.

***update****  about 1 minute later…I just checked my bank account and found money deposited from State of NJ refund – nice………

I love mystery deposits.