And to make the day better

It took me 3 hours to get home from work.  I had orientation for school –  never made it.

There was an accident at 10:12 am this morning.  At the exit that I needed to go to to get to school   Well not really since I don’t need to get on the parkway, but it closed down the road, diverted traffic on the road I did need to be on and blocked up traffic ALL DAY

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It was a HORRIFIC accident.    A tractor trailer going north decided to go south, he drove across the median and hit a box truck and a VW Bug head on (they don’t know why he crossed over a median (and it’s a big median, like a huge grassy knoll
That’s the median he drove over.   The driver and passenger of the box truck and the driver of the VW were all killed.     The area was  A MESS  backed up traffic on the alternate roads. And I do feel horrible for the families of the fatalities.

BUT…  There were cops directing traffic.   Where I needed to be was a good 20 minutes away from where the accident occurred.   And on a different road.  I took back way (which was an hour trek because everyone had to do that) and was almost there when the cops told me I couldn’t go that way.   Then I ended up 40 minutes away from where I needed to be.  I called the school at 5:30,  & 6:00 and said – hi -I’m gonna be late.  When I called again at 6:10 and said I was 40 minutes away since the re-route took me in the opposite direction, they said for me to go home.   It was only orientation, covering the dress code, no food or drinks in class, that minor stuff…so no big that I wasn’t there.  I did say I would come in early on Monday to do it then so that will be ok.

3 HOURS TO GET HOME  I was not happy.

And some shit is going down at hell that when it falls – it’s gonna be AWESOME.

****UPDATE****  Tomorrow will be better –  right –  oh wait – I have a dentist appointment to get a crown put it –  so I won’t be able to feel my face all effin day


A few things

I’ve been having one of those weeks.   That’s one of the reasons I’m quitting.  I’m not quitting literally, but figuritely.  I just can’t do it.

The week started off great for a Monday –  my mortgage is going down 70$ a month and I got a check for 223$ -wOOt!!!

I got a good verdict on a case at work…attorney dropped the case  wOOt!!

I haven’t been sleeping well all week. For no reason then I just can’t.   I fall asleep and then wake up then fall asleep and then wake up for good -usually around 3 or 4.

then other shit happened – nothing I want to get into…it’s been vented to death but I’m just sick of the crap.

Tonite is orientation for school, which starts Monday.  I have my bookbag all ready and my check for a lot of money to pay off part of cost of school

Tomorrow I leave work at 12 –  I have a dentist appt at 1 but I am gonna leave at 12 for lunch – maybe go to the bookstore or something for  a bit.   That night – resting until I get feeling back in my face

Saturday – I am meeting up w/ a few friends down at the beach (or down the shore as they say in Jersey)