I had a dream the other night involving a blogger and two of my friends from work.

not mentioning who the blogger was.

(how many of you just stopped reading)

So my two friends CJ and T needed a ride home.   CJ lives in the opposite direction of me and T but I said fine – no big deal.    Blogger needed a ride also but apparently didn’t wait around after work for me since he didn’t like CJ or T.

Fine   I drove CJ home and then T and then saw blogger sitting in a car with a bunch of other people.  He gets out of the car and starts yelling at me that I didn’t wait for him.    T and I start yelling back we waited for 20 minutes and then saw him in unknown persons car so we left.

then Blogger and I started walking and talking and apologizing.

And that was it.   Nothing major happening in it.   And blogger would not yell at me since we are friends, especially since he got a ride home from someone else.

I would say that it meant something but I am pretty sure it was just odd.