I said Friday damnit

I had to make a dentist appointment yesterday for my 6 month cleaning.  I said it has to be on a Friday since I have school Monday Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesdays I babysit (I didn’t tell them the why, just that I needed a Friday appointment)and it has to be as late in the day as possible

So the receptionist says

R:   I have a Monday at 9 am

Me:   No -it has to be Friday, the last appointment of the day

R:   Thursday at 2

Me:  No – Friday

R:   How about a Wednesday

Me;   Unless they made Wednesday’s Friday’s – NO

R:  Did you need a Friday

Now, what’s even more annoying – the appointment is for 6 months from now, it’s not like they are booked

and I was standing in front of her so it’s not like it was a phone conversation where I know she wasn’t listening.

I ended getting an appointment in March on Friday the 13th.   I hope they call and remind me.