My Weekend

So this week the Princess doesn’t have school. Which means someone needs to watch the Princess.

My mom is for the week. So my parents went to A/C on Friday and were there through today.

My brother, sil and the boys came Saturday and we all hung out. They went home Sunday. So sister kid and I were gonna meet my parents in A/C except the Princess was a little sick so I went myself. Turned out my parents were invited to a party.

I don’t know if you can see who that is. His name is VIncent Pastore. He played Big Pussy on the Sopranos. I openly admit, I’ve never seen the show. But he’s gonna be on GH for a bit. Yeah, I don’t watch that any more either. But it’s more on keeping up with celebrity siteing (or b and c list pseudo celebrities)

And the black faced woman- that’s my mom…I just figured out a little bit of photoshop.


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