My Weekend

So this week the Princess doesn’t have school. Which means someone needs to watch the Princess.

My mom is for the week. So my parents went to A/C on Friday and were there through today.

My brother, sil and the boys came Saturday and we all hung out. They went home Sunday. So sister kid and I were gonna meet my parents in A/C except the Princess was a little sick so I went myself. Turned out my parents were invited to a party.

I don’t know if you can see who that is. His name is VIncent Pastore. He played Big Pussy on the Sopranos. I openly admit, I’ve never seen the show. But he’s gonna be on GH for a bit. Yeah, I don’t watch that any more either. But it’s more on keeping up with celebrity siteing (or b and c list pseudo celebrities)

And the black faced woman- that’s my mom…I just figured out a little bit of photoshop.


Feel the Teal

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

I never thought about Ovarian Cancer before May, when I met Lisa from Clusterfook.   She is battling it for the 3rd time.  Go here to read more about the symptoms and get other links to learn more

Since meeting Lisa in May, I started reading her regularly.  She is amazing.  Always upbeat, even when she doesn’t feel well, she apologizes to us, the reader.

Keep her in your wishes, prayers, send her good mojo, whatever floats your boat, but wish her well.