Have I mentioned

I love TV.  A lot.

So the fall schedule is basically out.   So far Monday nights are an issue.

HIMYM  – Gossip Girl and Chuck are all on at the same time.   WFT.

I’m hoping that CW is going to show GG on a different night as well just in case

But if not- I will have to use the old fashioned VCR or watch on line.  Sorry Chuck you will be the one out.

I need my NPH and Gossip Girl (I totally heart Chuck on GG)


5 thoughts on “Have I mentioned

  1. This is exactly the dilemma I have- I think I’m dropping Chuck also. I can only DVR two shows at a time, and Chuck is my least favorite of the three

  2. I saw that….just DVR both of them (if you have a DVR that records at the same time) so you can watch them over and over again…that’s what I am doing… 🙂

    I have 50 episodes of Jon and Kate +8 saved on my DVR…it’s 45% full 🙂

    …not that you cared 😉 But I love you enough to tell you this.

  3. NPH was on a Wait Wait Don’t Tell me at some point this past year. I had about a year’s worth of podcast saved up and listened to the one he was on a week or so ago.

    He was the guest for Not My Job and was very funny.

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