A smart decision

Paralegals are taking on more tasks previously reserved for attorneys-with a college education that costs a fraction of their J.D.-holding colleagues. A two-year associate degree in Paralegal Studies is the most common route into a paralegal career. Full-fledged attorneys, by contrast, spend six years in college-four years to earn a bachelor’s degree and then two years at a professional law school. Nevertheless, paralegals are entrusted with high-level roles such as research analysis and preparing legal documents.
An experienced paralegal makes an average salary of $65,368. Considering that the average total cost for an associate degree at an online or campus-based college is $26,400, the degree will pay for itself many times over.
Bottom Line:Paralegals enjoy a direct route from community college classroom to courtroom, without missing out on the benefits of a legal paych

My mommy said I did a smart thing.  I agree


6 thoughts on “A smart decision

  1. I used to work at a couple of big law firms in the city as a legal secretary. I left law back in 98 and haven’t looked back. I couldn’t stand the “God like” attitude of the attornies and the “cliqueness” of the secretaries. ICK.

    BUT I work in the opposite “tower” of my building where my last law firm was and I still see a few secretaries and paralegals that are still there. So there must be something good going on, right?

  2. I always wanted to be a lawyer. Maybe I should look into becoming a paralegal too! I think law school would do me in at this point in my life. Although I’m really into employment law…

    Well it sounds like you made a very wise decision.

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