And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer after 9

I think my computer is reading my mind.   No really….I was playing go fish and the other 3 players kept taking my cards. It ended up ok since I still won, but it was creepy there for a minute

I learned how to twat (sorry bro) from my i-pod touch.  Know if I can learn to spell.   It’s twitterific

I was gonna post something that happened today that pissed me off…but I am done talking about it..for now..I still might post it…if I do, it will probably be a private post.  Maybe…I haven’t decided  and i will most likely give the password if you ask, but whatever.


Show your support

So Britt & Karl and  I am guessing a bunch of others are quitting smoking on Monday (Sunday at midnight)  I don’t know who else is quitting but I hope a lot are.  Smoking is icky and bad for my allergies.

wish them luck and minimal bitchiness.