Look what my mom bought me and other stuff

It’s a laptop stand…I took the picture with my laptop so I can’t show you what it looks like w/ a computer on it…but my laptop is on it right now at at angle so it’s more egonomically correct.

The big white thing in the background is my wall and the red thing is my bed spread.

on other news  I found out I have hbo.  I am very excited about this because hbo has better movies on demand then showtime.   I am taping Blades of Glory..yeah it was bad, but I giggle my way through it.  The scene at the end when Will Arnet (sigh) and Will Ferrell are chasing each other and they get stuck on the escalator…I fell off my couch the first time I saw it I was giggling so hard.   And I can see Transformers (more then meets the eye) and a bunch of other movies…but more importantly

TRUE BLOOD   I am so excited about this show.   I love the books.   Sookie Stackhouse is a fun character. I think the guy playing Bill  Stephen Moyer, is good looking, but not as good looking as I pictured him…and I can’t find out who’s playing Eric, the head Vamp but in the books, he’s described as a viking (probably because he was) but really really hot, so we shall see