Feeling better

after taking drugs and sleeping for 4 hours (is that a nap, or sleep if it’s from 2:30 -6:30)

ate some pastas and feel better.   still have a slight headache but not as bad.   Gonna take advil pm and crash.

MY BABY (and her mother) COME HOME TOMORROW  I get to pick them up and will be uber happy to see them


Here’s my dilema

I have a monsterously bad headache.    I can barely keep my head upright.

I haven’t gotten dressed yet

I want food…but I have none in my house.

I want to finish my book, but due to the headache and not being able to hold my head up, it makes for difficult times

(the visual of me typing this while holding my head up w/ pillows, really not as comfy as you would think)

ok   gonna die now.    later