Have I mentioned

I love TV.  A lot.

So the fall schedule is basically out.   So far Monday nights are an issue.

HIMYM  – Gossip Girl and Chuck are all on at the same time.   WFT.

I’m hoping that CW is going to show GG on a different night as well just in case

But if not- I will have to use the old fashioned VCR or watch on line.  Sorry Chuck you will be the one out.

I need my NPH and Gossip Girl (I totally heart Chuck on GG)


It’s for a raffle

Ok,  here’s the deal…..there is this hot blogger calendar contest going on.

A lot of HAWT bloggers are in the running.    The first one I found out about was NYC Watchdog

you need to go vote for him.    I did already and it’s one vote per person (ok – I voted for 2 hot bloggers using 2 emails but I voted for the Hawt Dawg first, sorry Adam)


A smart decision

Paralegals are taking on more tasks previously reserved for attorneys-with a college education that costs a fraction of their J.D.-holding colleagues. A two-year associate degree in Paralegal Studies is the most common route into a paralegal career. Full-fledged attorneys, by contrast, spend six years in college-four years to earn a bachelor’s degree and then two years at a professional law school. Nevertheless, paralegals are entrusted with high-level roles such as research analysis and preparing legal documents.
An experienced paralegal makes an average salary of $65,368. Considering that the average total cost for an associate degree at an online or campus-based college is $26,400, the degree will pay for itself many times over.
Bottom Line:Paralegals enjoy a direct route from community college classroom to courtroom, without missing out on the benefits of a legal paych

My mommy said I did a smart thing.  I agree

I am confused.

I am trying to get a twitter badge – but wordpress doesn’t allow javascript/flash/forms so I am trying to do it with RSS feed, but I have no idea how to get an rss feed to put in a widget.    what the heck is twitterfeed?

does that give me an RSS feed?

what the hell am i doing –   if someone wants to help me…I will give them cookies.

Now I tell you to read my blog

What is with actresses today?   It started w/ the chicks on Charmed – ok it really started w/ 90210 and then got worse on Charmed.

Now it’s on this unbelievably crappy (read AWESOME) show on ABC Family.

I’m talking about this habit of girls talking w/out moving their mouths.   It’s really annoying and makes me feel like I need to put on chapstick or lipstick

seriously – watch her –  it’s very distracting

all the girls on this show talk like that.   They don’t open their mouths.   I don’t know how they do it, how they talk like that…but this one-  it’s very distracting and annoying.

(and yes – i am ashamed that I watch this piece of crap show, but dude- MOLLY RINGWALD, she is MOLLY RINGWALD)